quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2008

Diante do Trono - Shalom Jerusalém

01-Introit Jerusalem Of Gold / Ma Tovu (O How Good)
02-I Lift Up My Eyes
03-Uo To Jerusalem
04-Shout Of Joy
05-Sing For Joy In The Lord
06-Shouts Of Joy
07-Roni, Roni, Bat Zion (Rejoice, Rejoice, Daughter Of Zion)
08-Where Does My Help Come From
09-Hinei Ma Tov (Behold How Good)
10-Sing Hallelujah
11-Stand Up And Give Him The Praise
12-Baruch Haba (Blessed Is He Who Gomes)
13-Ma Tovu (O How Good)
14-In Your Presence O God
15-Wonderful One
16-Shalom Jerusalem
17-Lord, Take Up Your Holy Throne
Créditos : mixgospel

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